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volumetric cameras on the moon


Dengenuity Labs has successfully built a volumetric capture stage on the moon. The project, aptly named "Moon Shot," was spearheaded by the company's Head of Engineering who was tired of being asked if it was possible to volumetrically capture someone and place them on the moon. With the launch of Moon Shot, Dengenuity Labs has made that a reality.

Bringing sports to the moon

The Moon Shot volumetric capture Stage is equipped with a total of 32 cameras strategically positioned around the stage to capture the sports that will be played on the moon. The cameras used in Moon Shot are of the highest quality, capturing video at 8K resolution and 120 frames per second to provide the most detailed and immersive holographic representations possible. The processing power of Moon Shot comes from a set of M200 GPUs, specifically designed for high-performance computing tasks like volumetric capture. The cooling system for Moon Shot is based on the air intake from the moon's atmosphere, which is then used to cool the equipment. This means that Moon Shot is not only eco-friendly, but also cost-effective.

Volumetric Capture Stage with people on the moon

Our Partners

We partnered with leading technology companies in the air and space industry, along with digital cinema and GPU processing companies to bring the Moon Shot project to life.

Space Person on the moon with a camera


Moon Shot is not only a technological marvel, but it also has immense potential for various industries such as space exploration, entertainment, and education. With the ability to capture and recreate life-like holographic images of astronauts, Moon Shot can be used for space mission training, entertainment experiences, and even live performances from the moon.

While this may have started as an April Fools' Day joke, the power of volumetric video technology is poised to change the way we create, distribute, and consume media. Want to learn more?

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