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Skyrim.AI Partnership Program

The Skyrim.AI Partner Program is an innovative initiative designed to unite industry leaders from various sectors, including lens and camera manufacturers, GPU processing technologies, high-bandwidth connectivity providers, broadcasters, sports teams and leagues, network companies deploying 5G and fiber connectivity for stadiums, and OTT platforms.


The program aims to create and integrate cutting-edge volumetric 3D experiences across game consoles, XR devices, smartphones, and smart TVs, revolutionizing the way fans engage with sports. This collaborative effort is tailored for companies entering the volumetric space, sports enthusiasts and influencers looking to create new immersive experiences, and developers interested in integrating volumetric experiences into their applications and platforms. By joining the Skyrim.AI Partner Program, participants will be at the forefront of the next generation of sports technology and experiences.


Sports Fans and Social Media Creators


As a sports fan or social media creator, the Skyrim.AI Partner Program opens the door to an exciting world of immersive sports experiences. By joining the program, you'll have the opportunity to explore and create content with cutting-edge volumetric 3D technology, transforming the way you and your followers engage with sports. Dive into the next generation of sports entertainment and storytelling, and be part of a community that's pushing the boundaries of fan engagement and content creation.


Broadcasters and OTT Platforms

For broadcasters and OTT platforms, the Skyrim.AI Partner Program is an essential resource for enhancing your content offerings and staying competitive in the evolving sports entertainment landscape. Gain access to innovative volumetric 3D experiences that captivate viewers and redefine fan engagement, while collaborating with industry leaders to drive innovation in sports broadcasting. By joining the program, you'll be able to deliver exceptional experiences to your audience, attract new viewers, and position your platform as a pioneer in sports technology.


Sports Leagues and Teams

Sports leagues and teams can harness the power of the Skyrim.AI Partner Program to transform fan engagement, elevate their brand, and improve on-field performance. Immerse your fans in groundbreaking volumetric 3D experiences that deepen their connection to your team, while leveraging this technology for enhanced training and performance analysis. By joining the program, you'll be part of a collaborative ecosystem driving innovation in sports entertainment and ensuring your league or team remains a leader in the industry.


Developers and Hardware Manufacturers

Developers and hardware manufacturers can join the Skyrim.AI Partner Program to access cutting-edge volumetric 3D technologies and collaborate with industry-leading companies in the sports entertainment sector. As a developer, you can expand your expertise in creating immersive applications that integrate volumetric experiences, tapping into a growing market. Hardware manufacturers can work with partners to ensure compatibility and seamless integration of their products within the volumetric ecosystem. By joining the program, you'll be strategically positioning yourself to contribute to and benefit from the rapid growth of immersive sports experiences.

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